Woman praying Tirta Empul

Bali you are a beautiful mistress
Who no one can really possess
You are a goddess who rules the heart
You challenge us to be our authentic best


Woman hands in air in fields at sunset

I started to heal
The pain
The circumstance
The resentment

Healing fibromyalgia

Healing hands over flowers

I will learn
I will grow
I will arm myself with
Everything I need to know


Woman sitting fading to black

You are a cruel mistress
You come and go as you please
You keep me home & don’t let me out
Your currency is pain

The shame of being ashamed

Girl behind veil

Who are we
Without shame?

How else do we
Become moulded
Into what other
People will like

Domestic Violence

Hand with stop written

You loved me
I trusted you
We got married

You hated me
Then you loved me
Then you cried


Woman looking into cracked mirror

A teenager
Full of hurt, pain and anger
I need to get it out

A lost girl
Trying to find her way
Take her power back

The pain of Fibromyalgia

Dark tunnel

A dark tunnel with sharp edges
Everytime you move
The piercing stab takes the breath away
The thick silent air screams

The Irony of Pain

Girl with tear running down face

As some of you know, I suffer from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and Migraines.
I wrote the following poem whilst on a 3 month sabbatical in Greece, looking for our next Bliss International Enterprise Venture.