Zoe Bliss Watson video, Blissful Business
Zoe Bliss Watson video, Blissful Business



Heart-based business and doing business the feminine way has been one of my biggest joys in life to intuitively follow, discover and create. Throughout my rather long career in sales, marketing and media, I was working in very masculine dominant industries which I really thrived in and loved at the time. As I became more intuitive, started to know myself more and realised there was so much strength in bringing empathy, love, understanding and the ability to really listen and hear people and what they wanted; that’s when I realised there is a better way to do business. The feminine way.

In 2011 I founded a beautiful business ‘Bliss Sanctuary For Women’ where I was my own boss, the creator of the whole business and could do everything exactly as I felt was right. I had only myself, my staff and my guests to answer to. There were many learning experiences, mostly about myself; but also about how to really elevate the feminine aspects of my nature and the nature of my business. In the way I communicated and what was important from a heart perspective through really connecting in a positive, kind, authentic loving way.

My beautiful Indonesian staff helped me so much with this as this was almost the opposite to what I had learned in the ‘business world’. My business paradigm is now to support from the bottom up not come from the top down. I learnt to manage my business from the heart and as this expanded and my intuitive abilities grew and grew and grew, I was able to run my business and mentor my trusted people from a whole different country. Extremely Successfully.

Learning business the feminine way and to listen to our hearts and come from our own unique perspectives, is the most liberating feeling born through authenticity. To me business and life are not separate. Passion and Love are in all aspects of life. And I look forward to sharing more of this through the website, blogs, books, videos and more.

The feminine way...

I believe doing business the feminine way is the way forward for a more heart based and brilliant world. Putting prejudices aside, looking towards a collective connection rather than a divide and conquer mentality and with a love for ourselves and others, will definitely make our world a much better place.

It is an attitude, a belief, a kindness, a strength, a new ability to really listen, an authenticity, a knowledge of the feminine and the nature of the feminine. It is for everybody, men and women alike. It is not about sexuality. It is about working from the head and the heart equally. It is about bringing out the best in ourselves and humanity and thriving together with common goals that are not divisive.

It is a tweak to what we are doing now.
It is a louder voice from the heart.
It is powerful and beautiful.
It is the ultimate success of abundance AND happiness.
It is empowering for all, as it is driven by our differences being our strengths and our feminine natures being the voice of reason to prosper through love.

It is the best of everything.
It is achievable.
It starts with the small things.
It is already within us.

Business Coaching

and speaking

I am really passionate about all of the subjects in this website and I really love speaking about doing business a different way and sharing my experiences and being there in a coaching capacity for individuals or groups.

I am available for all zoom appointments and events.

Meetings or Speaking in person are decided on a case-by-case basis.

You are more than welcome to email us on bookings@blissinternational.com and tell us about your event and desired participation goals.


As the different elements of my business have expanded on a Global scale I now have companies in Dubai, Hong Kong and Australia and work together with multiple businesses in Bali, Indonesia. We now manage the different businesses and brands under the Bliss International Banner.  As well as a new start up company The Global Wellness Group FZE.

Bliss International Enterprise Ltd. in Hong Kong
Bliss Sanctuary For Women in Bali
Bliss International Payment Services Pty Ltd in Australia
Bliss International Investments Pty Ltd in Australia

The Global Wellness Group FZE in Dubai UAE

And now my own personal brand Zoë Bliss Watson is born where I am available for business consulting and mentoring, intuitive and mentoring sessions, public speaking and more.



in a live consultation

If you would like to speak to Zoë about any of these things she has a limited paid online consultation schedule that can be tailored to your specific needs or areas of interest:

‘At this stage I believe in personal connections over online courses, so I offer my time, my intuition, my business expertise . . .  well I offer a personal consultation with me that can be whatever you like. From an informal chat to connecting regarding business startups, business challenges, business mentoring or intuitive business counselling and more. My hope is that whatever you need can be covered in this session to help empower you onto your next steps in life, whatever they may be.'

Zoe Bliss Watson video, Creating a heart-based business

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