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1/2 hr $450
1 hr $800
5 coaching calls $3500


1 hr $1200
5 sessions $5000


1hr $2500


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With all the rapid changes in our world and the new marketing techniques, courses to sign up to etc. I have decided I want to go old skool and offer 1:1 sessions to those who need them for differing subjects. I think personal connections using technology are important and so I am offering Zoom sessions in the following areas. This way wherever I am in the world I can still do them and as many of my clients are in different countries to me, this is important.

Please note I am only doing a select number of sessions and this is reflected in the pricing. If you cannot afford a session, please do not push yourself out of your range of affordability. There is so much helpful content on the website for you for free with a lot more to come. You are welcome to email me questions or blogs or information you would like me to explore on blogs or social media. And signup to my email list is free.

This is the first time in ten years I will be accessible for specific advice related 1:1 sessions.

50 minute Zoom Sessions $500

* Prices may fluctuate per market.  Please Contact Us for exact pricing for your currency of payment.

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* Prices may fluctuate per market.  Please ask us for exact pricing for your currency of payment.

If you would like to speak to Zoë about any of these things Zoë has a limited paid online consultation schedule which can be tailored to your specific needs or areas of interest:

‘At this stage I believe in personal connections over online courses, so I offer my time, my intuition, my business expertise… well I offer a personal consultation with me that can be whatever you like. From an informal chat to connecting regarding health challenges, a mentoring session by someone who understands, or intuitive counselling and more. My hope is that whatever you need can be covered in this session to help empower you onto your next steps in life, whatever they may be.'

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