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Living life as an intuitive is one of the biggest blessings to come out of my whole being. It started very young for me with such a strong inner knowing about things I knew nothing about. It actually drove my parents mad having this little headstrong know it all as their daughter, but they never really saw me. And I saw much more than I could understand, but I just knew.

In adult life my intuition has just kept growing and growing and growing. I literally live my life through my intuition and insights and I see the world very differently to what I was taught to believe. And I LOVE it. My understanding has become multi-dimensional and I am now able to trust my inner knowing and mix it with emotional intelligence and an eyes wide open acceptance to life and all its vast intelligences and layers.

It has bought me many blessings the main one so far being able to run my business from another country. It has bought me a beautiful, deep, love for our universe and humanity. Which I could never have if I was simply judging life by my own circumstances and hardships and bias. It has bought me healing.

As an intuitive I combine a heart-based approach, with intuitive readings on all sorts of situations and my own unique communication style and ability to cut through extremely quickly to the things that really matter to you in the moment. With love..

Living an intuitive life means I am open to living life by my own design, fuelled by my own values and consciousness. It is so freeing on a soul level. It is exciting!

heart based communication

Growing up in a rather combative household as far as communication goes, I learnt from a young age that whatever I said or did I would be likely put down or told my place or not listened to. I rarely felt understood despite my parents doing their best. We were just simply on a different wavelength, with almost everything.

As uncomfortable as that was, it served me well to a certain extent in business. I mostly worked in more masculine areas of business and could very much hold my own and make sure I was heard regardless of whether I thought others were on my side or not. Quite often business is very combative. It definitely was for me and at times in my life I thrived on it.

When I started my healing journey, seeking different role models and wisdom, and sought out learnings about bigger things. I realised a lot of it was a lot softer, more fuelled with love. I liked it. I felt safe.

When I hit a big crossroads of change in my life after a lot of adversity, I moved to Bali. One of the most amazing, beautiful, spiritual places on earth. There is love magic in Bali and I felt very connected to it. I started to learn about love and becoming heart-based. I also went through a LOT of not so great things and have some crazy stories to tell, so it was like a juxtaposition of love and hardships.

Bali was teaching me. It was time to open up my heart.

I didn’t find love in a relationship sense in Bali, but I experienced the love of my Bali family (all those Balinese who come into your inner circle and worked for me in Bali). At times through work I would get angry or speak in what I thought was normal, but was actually an aggressive tone. I realised this was too much for these beautiful sensitive people and not positive and I had to tone it down and speak through love.

I taught my staff to flow like water and to do everything with love. If I tasted some food that I was sharing with the guests and it wasn’t up to scratch, I would let the staff know there was not enough love in it. This was something they could understand with their broken English and my poor abilities to learn a new language. This was the language we used for everything. It created love magic.

I started to learn more about this from my own experiences. It filled my body with love, replacing the adrenalin I used to run on, which essentially had made me sick. Now I mostly felt connected and happy and when I didn’t I went deep inside and tried to heal whatever it was.

A lot of my staff early on told me I was a very wise person in a spiritual sense and through them I realised and saw and grew this part of me. I am so blessed and thankful for this time. It has helped heal me in so many ways.

Living a mostly heart-based life through heart-based communication, starts with realising our own self-talk and how we treat ourselves. Learning to hold space for ourselves and meet us where we are without judgement. This took me decades. Then I started to learn how to do this within my beautiful business dynamic. Meeting people where they are at and creating space is essentially the foundation of what my business is made of. Without me even realising at the time. That was the experience we create for our guests with zero judgement and not wanting to make people better or change them but simply to help them follow their bliss their way.

I always know I have that strong more masculine alpha side to me whenever I need it. But I love living in the heart-based arena. My spiritual practice is to be in this more and more everyday. It is also what my health journey is teaching me. This has been a big struggle to really love through the pain, the frustration, the despair. I am learning more every day.

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To me spirituality is based in openness, acceptance and love. It is more than what we believe. For some of us it is what we know, what we feel or see, it is the unexplained yet explanations are everywhere.

A long time ago I turned away from religion and now I see it as a positive cultural identification for people. But anything that is fear-based or lacks acceptance of others is not in my repertoire. If I was to identify with a religion it would likely be buddhism, however I am not practising or spending a lot of my time learning what others have to teach or say about it.

My spirituality is rather simple I feel in tapping into our human consciousness minus the conditioning we’ve had since born. Learning to love, to listen, to see and accept all others where they are at in the moment. To let go of attachment to things. To let fear be a warning in its purest form. Anybody or entity breeding fear for a certain gain is about manipulation and this is something I think we need to all be very aware of.

My spirituality is love. It is something I am working on always and have a long way to go until I reach Nirvana. I need to learn what love is, make my mistakes, take responsibility for my own triggers and heal them. I believe wholeheartedly our triggers are not somebody else’s burden and we need to take full responsibility for the things we do and say when we are triggered and use them to learn and grow and heal.

That is love. My spirituality is love.


Everybody has intuition. We are born with it. That deep inner knowing that we learn to ignore as we grow up. It starts as part of our survival skills as children. For example it is great for children not to be taught to go to any adult who wants to connect with them. But to be allowed to pick and choose their own connections. They have the inner knowledge and it is important to teach them not to override this and instead to let them practice it and support them by not apologising to someone they don’t want to go to, but instead tell them ‘that’s ok. The more we empower intuition and choice in young humans the better our world will be and the more we will learn it for ourselves.

Throughout life, as we face teachings and traumas, we choose whether we give our power away to our own inner knowledge or not. Usually to be liked or revered or given opportunities we are taught to do what other people want not necessarily what we feel is right. By the age of 12 I was having none of that and my getting to know myself and listening to my intuition really blossomed.

I do believe that giving our power away constantly in different situations by doing things we have learned, not what we actually want; is where we lose our sense of self. When we lose our sense of self and our connection between body + mind + soul, that’s where our physical, mental, & spiritual health can be greatly challenged.

I believe our intuition is our most important asset as humans in this life. We can all get it back all we need to do is become aware of it and use it. Never dismiss ourselves or our feeling about something, instead act on it. Anything you get wrong is simply learning, it’s ok. Sometimes our minds have become so strong and our intuition a tiny whisper, so to start is simply learning to listen to that tiny whisper.

Take a breath. Ask yourself the question. Take another breath and feel your body. If you are tense, that is an answer. If you feel happy and relaxed that is also an answer. Then take another breath and ask yourself the same question. If it’s a booming answer and you are not used to listening to your intuition yet then it may be your mind. Acknowledge that (yes you are literally speaking to yourself by now lol). Then ask again and listen to your breath and become aware and keep asking until you ‘feel’ you know the answer.

When people say I need to meditate on something this is essentially what they are doing. Checking in with the body, mind and soul. Soul in this instance being our intuition that is connected to the whole universe.

When humanity as a whole learns this again and cherishes this through what we eat, how we look after our bodies, what we focus on in life and our awareness and relationships with others. The world will be an even more amazing, beautiful, exciting, utopian place.

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I am here for you to help you
  move past any barriers and open      
      up a whole new vision
            of where you can go

I am here for you to help you move past any barriers and open up a whole new vision of where you can go


From a very young age I was tuned into my intuition but I would also get these constant messages and with my Christian upbringing I attributed this to speaking to god. Why wouldn’t he speak to me? We are all his children I thought! So I just used to accept it and have an ongoing dialogue. One day in our Pentecostal church people were speaking in tongues and the pastor said ‘someone has the message in the congregation’. I had it but dared not say it as who would listen to a child? My mum would have been mortified lol. So I kept quiet then after what seemed like an eternity, someone else said the exact same message. THE EXACT SAME words. That’s when I knew God did speak to me.

Years later after ditching the church and religion but embracing spirituality, I still believed in God or this energy. Then over time I realised I could speak to Angels, I could speak to people who had passed over, I could speak to my guides and others guides and I could channel information.

Now this was a big thing for me as I had been taught this was evil and of the devil. So it took a LOT of convincing me this wasn’t it. I also had some seriously scary incidences with somewhat felt evil energies. So I learnt over time who to speak to and who didn’t have my best interests at heart. A bit like a session in parliament and I was the speaker. I then had to learn to quiet the noise and make it work for me.

For years I did paid psychic readings in my hometown of Adelaide and I continued a little bit when I opened Bliss Sanctuary For Women in Bali. Then it all became too much work running the business and I switched from doing reading to simply living an intuitive life and bringing this wisdom and information through in everyday life.

Now I do this more than ever whilst living an intuitive life and although I am open to doing psychic readings, they are now more of an intuitive session where a lot of information is covered. It’s like the readings I used to do were with me half asleep, even though they were still amazing. But now my sessions are truly transformational for people who are open and seeking this.

This is such a big and exciting part of my life, and there are so many exciting amazing stories. I will seek to start writing about more and more of these as blogs and maybe even on social media, to share with you. It has been so private and undercover for so long but now is the time to embrace, share and celebrate.

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Everything is Energy

Literally everything in our planet, in our lives, in our world are made up of energy. Everything. I absolutely love this and metaphysics and there is no disputing it. Everything is energy. It is that simple.

So we can attract energy. We can push it away. We feel emotions with the energy of words. We feel the physical energies of things, that are simply energy as solid matter.

I’m no physicist and I’m not the one to speak to about being any sort of authority in metaphysics. I am not a scientist. But I do practice with energy.

Money is energy. Which is amazing as we can attract it! And when we’re doing the opposite to that we can become aware of our own thoughts and beliefs that can be pushing it away. I literally did this. It took so many years and now I know so deeply that I will always be able to attract money into my life in a big way.

Love and relationships are energy. As is hate. The sun and the moon. The weather. Words. What we believe becomes our reality in life which is all to do with energy.

The simplicity of this is so astounding and wonderful and accessible. We can literally create our life any way we want to. We just need to do the work and gain understanding and become aware and know ourselves. Which I believe we are essentially here to do on earth.

For me I overcame the money issue of being bought up being told money is evil. I rejected that and so many other mistruths that were not helping me create the life I want. My health is now my biggest barrier and I have grappled and grappled with this. As yes we can create our own life, but within what we have been given to work with. I do believe miracles happen but mostly we need to get creative, be accepting and feel whatever it is we are feeling and do it anyway. This looks different for absolutely everybody.

I have already come a long way with my health and healing traumas and overall understanding and acceptance with some huge changes. Healing is an ongoing thing in my life and I am so thankful for the opportunity to learn so much through it. It is a lot of work. What I mostly love is that as we heal ourselves, through energy we are connected. So we start to heal the collective consciousness. How fabulous is that! It is so exciting and now is the time.

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