Woman praying Tirta Empul

Bali you are a beautiful mistress
Who no one can really possess
You are a goddess who rules the heart
You challenge us to be our authentic best

Big Love

Gold hearts

Big Love
Is for the planet
To heal humanity
Body, Mind & Soul


Woman hands in air in fields at sunset

I started to heal
The pain
The circumstance
The resentment

Healing fibromyalgia

Healing hands over flowers

I will learn
I will grow
I will arm myself with
Everything I need to know


Woman sitting fading to black

You are a cruel mistress
You come and go as you please
You keep me home & don’t let me out
Your currency is pain


Woman standing in puddle with tree of life

Thankyou for helping me grow
To separate me from the energies
In this life
I no longer need to know


Tealight candles

I now know
That loss is inevitable
It’s part of the life cycle
Of letting things go

Letting go

Dandelion petals evolving into birds

The things that have happened to us
That have hurt us
Taken our freedom away
We need to let them go

The Courage to be Psychic

Hands holding energy

Other Worlds
Strong Energies
Beautiful Intuition
An inner knowing that we are not alone

Re awakening

Lotus with fairy lights

Everything is energy
In life
In death
In our soul
The soul of the earth
The soul of the cosmos