Woman praying Tirta Empul
Woman praying Tirta Empul

Bali you are a beautiful mistress
Who no one can really possess
You are a goddess who rules the heart
You challenge us to be our authentic best

Those who touch your soil
Know they are somewhere full of spirit
A precipice of peace vs the danger
Of really seeing our own true selves

You are a healing Island
No matter how many people come and go
You speak through the rivers and ravines
Your spirit demanding loyalty and reverence

You are all of the hindu goddesses
Who live within you
Who are worshipped by your inhabitants
Their power runs through your soil

The vibrance of your character
Is met at the highest Volcano
And the deepest ocean
You demand people to see your strength

Your beauty shines
So much beauty and heart
And so many spirits
Looking after the islands soul

You accept light and dark
Positive and negative
You demand authenticity
You thrive on balance

You are the goddess of the earth
Mistress to no one
Your strength and Power is your beauty
You beguile the world with your mystery

We are connected you and I
In truth and honesty
You see my flaws and shine a light on them
You only accept me if I learn and grow

You allow my bliss to shine
On your beautiful island in peace
Only if I empower your people
And help them grow

I respect that and know that
I have promised you this
You have promised to help our women heal
With your most amazing gifts

I thankyou with all my heart
For all you have taught me and given me and taken from me
I thankyou for being a true mirror to all of my emotions
You are the best and worst of everything and teach me acceptance and True Love

The Love of a Goddess
Who cares not for my mistakes
Whose expectations are high
And whose tolerance is none

You have helped mould me
You have created healing and truth
You always bring me the right people and lessons
You are my truest of loves

Thankyou for your beautiful Island heart
Your wrath wrapped in tropical perfection
Your imperfections wrapped in unparalleled expectation
Your healing for those who do the work

Your beauty and your authenticity
Your challenges and peace
Your healing  and spirituality
You are so full of love and truly unique