Follow your Bliss your way...

Life is so fleeting and so beautiful and we all have our own life to live our own way. Mine started off in a far-off beachside suburb in Australia and from a very young age, I felt like I simply didn’t fit. From there healing and transformation have been such a huge part of my life’s work and I have spent many years creating the beautiful existence I now live, through tenacity, creativity, adversity and strength.

Believing in myself from a very young age has been what has got me through and believing in our worth as human beings. This website shares my journey, my creativity, my unique perspective on our world, and my own raw, emotive, honest, and I hope inspiring stories & creativity. It is my way of connecting to you and myself through our special gift as humans, words. They can change our lives and they help create our world and bring us all closer together. If that is what we choose.

Doing Business... with love

Using our femininity, our intuition, our personal power and our life and spiritual wisdom in business is an amazing portal into open relationships, softer approaches, communicating effectively and loving what we do. Having worked for large International Companies, within Media, in male-dominated industries through to personal consulting & marketing, I have learned both the masculine and feminine ways to do business in the Western World. This has led me to running my own multi Global Award-Winning business, Bliss Sanctuary For Women in Bali, Indonesia and companies in Dubai, Hong Kong & Australia.

I have created beautiful, fulfilling, nurturing businesses and brands on my own terms and in my own way. Femininity in business does not mean business for women. It is a way of doing business, affiliating different importance, values and worthiness from who you are and your personal perspective and intuition to any kind of business. It is important and powerful and beautiful when we learn to have a voice and act on our own knowledge.



There is never just one way

Zoe Watson relaxed at the beach

Intuitive Life

Energy is everything

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Sanctuary design


Creating my home sanctuaries is something I love. For me personally they need to be calm, clear, beautiful spaces with a lot of different layers and natural textures and a very bright light palette.

A wellness lifestyle is all about creating a balance for ourselves, where we live, how we live and what we live for. Home + Community + Happiness + Health & Wellbeing. Abundance comes when we know our values and what’s important to us and make choices that support us with love not fear.

For me my home is the pinnacle of importance as I work from home and live alone. So I design a sanctuary home for my specific needs. Everybody can do this. We can choose how we want to live within our own means.


The truths... along the way

I am a creator of sanctuaries, a poet, a writer, a survivor, a speaker, a lover of alternative thought, an advocate of curves & body confidence, a successful business woman, a founder, a brand ambassador, a chronic illness awareness advocate, a multi award winner, a wellness entrepreneur.

I am passionate about bringing the feminine into business culture, being an author, a blogger, a healer, an intuitive.

I am a woman who has overcome all kinds of adversities to thrive in business, wellness advocacy and living an intuitive life, writing with raw honesty about healing trauma and the taboo subjects.

I am LOVE.

Zoe Bliss Watson intro video, Follow your Bliss your way
Logos, Zoe Bliss Watson in the media

Logos, Zoe Bliss Watson in the media