Woman hands in air in fields at sunset
Woman hands in air in fields at sunset

I started to heal
The pain
The circumstance
The resentment

I healed it in me
But it was for you too
Without me even realising
I could do both

As I healed
I could create space for myself
The distance
Was so important

Honouring myself
Allowed me to see everything
Allowed acceptance
Without judgement

The space to love myself
Not seen through your eyes
Or mine
Just to be me

Through this space
The love came
The love for me
The love for everything

Love is connection
Love is acceptance
Love is forgiveness
Love is reconnection

I woke up with
Forgiveness in my heart
The light replaced the dark
I could finally see

When I could see me
Through unconditional love
I could see you
Like an angel from above

I learnt that forgiveness
Is seeing
The act of forgiveness
Is believing

Love is the key
Self love is the answer
Being free to be me
Is the ultimate counsellor

Forgiveness is Freedom
To love unconditionally
Forgiveness is Freedom
To love who you are