Letting go

Dandelion petals evolving into birds
Dandelion petals evolving into birds

The things that have happened to us
That have hurt us
Taken our freedom away
We need to let them go

Our mind holds on
Our bodies react
Our soul gets hurt
We forget our strength

Trauma is horrific
It stays in our bodies
But it isn’t forever
We must learn to forget

Free our bodies
Bring joy in
Bring love in
Be kind to ourselves

Accept the imperfections
Accept our reactions
Know its not the sum of us
Bring awareness to the fear

Pure love
Understands the trauma
Forgives everything associated
Helps us heal and move on

By giving trauma to forgiveness
We free ourselves
We free our body
We free our soul

This can only be done
Through facing the fear
By understanding the trauma
Acknowledging its presence

We can only let go
When we see it for what it was
A moment in time
That shaped us

But we didn’t let it win
Engulf us
Take us over
Maybe for a little while

Now it’s time to let go