Re awakening

Lotus with fairy lights
Lotus with fairy lights

Everything is energy
In life
In death
In our soul
The soul of the earth
The soul of the cosmos

Can you feel it
All around you?

In the springs
full of water and life

In your conversations
about love or getting into strife

In the earth and animals
And all living things

In the untangible
That we know deep down is creating

We are not one dimensional
Our brains work at 10 percent

We have feelings
And know things

Where does this come from?
Some of us know

Some of us refuse to listen
And refuse to grow

That inner knowing so powerful
When you listen to it

The buzzing around us
And in us and in all things

Trust your instincts
Not somebody else

Science is great
But constantly disproved

Our inner knowing grows
As we open our hearts mind and soul

3 different dimensions
are the ones that we know

Be open to learning
Expanding is nothing to fear

Feeling connected and experiencing things
Is why we’re here

Awakening begins with awareness
Not all of it is learned

Conscious presence
Underneath the thoughts

Helps us realise our
true depths of being

It’s exciting when we open up
To the things we simply don’t know

To hear the Universe
And feel the energy and the flow

Understanding comes through trust
For this we must be open

It’s the ultimate form of Self Love
To grow into the expansive of the unknown