Woman standing in puddle with tree of life
Woman standing in puddle with tree of life

Thankyou for helping me grow
To separate me from the energies
In this life
I no longer need to know

Thankyou for showing me
The resistance in my heart and soul
Helping me cut the struggle
Of the attached emotion I didn’t want to let go

Thankyou for supporting
What I need to learn
Both in this life
And far beyond

Thankyou for just being
And teaching me
This state of mind

You are freedom
You are a gift
To help me rise above

You weren’t easy
When I attached emotion
That wasn’t yet love

You are important
A part of the life experience
To push us forward

You have taken years
For me to see
Who I truly am

The yin and yang
Of attachment
And detachment
Leaves me vulnerable

Vulnerability is the only way
We can truly connect
With others
And ourselves

Embracing the dance
Between what we learn
And what we unlearn
And move away from

Is the dance of life
Of growth and healing
What we are here for
To be truly ourselves