The Courage to be Psychic

Hands holding energy
Hands holding energy

Other Worlds
Strong Energies
Beautiful Intuition
An inner knowing that we are not alone

Belief in a God
Taking herbal medicine to heal
Blind Faith

How are these different
To being psychic
Speaking to spirits
Spiritual knowingness?


All have been sought through the ages
To give power and strength
To help heal
To make a difference

Everything in this world
Is both positive and negative
Do we create a divide
Or choose to embrace a cohesive acceptance?

By fearing the unknown
We push it away
Make it an enemy
Cause a disconnect

By trusting our instincts
Embracing ancient knowledge
Following our intuition
Following our heart

Using all of this in the positive
Not judging things as negative
Checking in on our values
Opening our minds to others beliefs

Where could this take us?
Beyond where we are now
To a larger more connected world
Where everything is energetically in a dance

Do we have the courage?
Are we open?
Do we keep our eyes wide shut
Or our soul expansive and open

Do we learn and grow
Or shut the unknown down
We do have the capacity
To be more than what we are

It is our choice