Two people on the beach at sunset
Two people on the beach at sunset

A hot summers night
Dragonflies reflecting their beauty
People laughing and remembering
The abandonment of youth

Humans connecting with the slightest touch
A soulful smile
Filling a need and truly helping
Another humans life be a little bit better

The joy of kindness
Is felt two-fold
By both the giver and the receiver
The divine nature of humanity

Immersing oneself
In water, in love, in laughter
The pure act of immersion
And the choice of how

The sand under the feet
All those rocks crushed down to minerals
The nature of the earth’s divine ability
To create from the creator

The ocean, the expansiveness, the power
The soul connection from the planet to us
The magnetic connection of water
From outside our bodies to inside

The droplets of rain
On a parched earth
The source of life
The hope of abundance

Two people
Who see each other for the first time
The magnetic force of connection
The most powerful life changing moments

The joy of humanity
Is to breathe, to connect, to feel

Author Zoë Watson