Domestic Violence

Hand with stop written
Hand with stop written

You loved me
I trusted you
We got married

You hated me
Then you loved me
Then you cried

You were angry
At life
In general

Them sometimes
Just by being there
I got in the way

I became an outlet
For your hatred
And for your anger

Your toxicity
Spewed onto me
Like a rancid bucket of skewed truths

I have no respect
For you
How did I ever love you?

You pulled the wool
Over my eyes
You slammed the door on my heart

I was your wife
You thought
You controlled me

But I wasn’t your slave
I took my power back
And left you by the road

You have no right
To think you own me
Or to make me feel powerless

You have no right
To get violent
Or throw your fists around

Your angry rage
Is like a child
Who needs a good telling off

Someone whose
Impulse control
Is obsolete

You are weak
You are hopeless
You are sad

I am sad for you
Because you don’t know
What you had

Because you have
To live with yourself
And repeat the pattern

You are the powerless one
With no self control
A true victim

Whatever happened to you
To make you like this
I am sorry

The choices you make
As an adult
Are your responsibility

Grow up
Do the work to heal
And do better

Because a violent man
Towards a woman he loves
Is the weakest man  of all.