The shame of being ashamed

Girl behind veil
Girl behind veil

Who are we
Without shame?

How else do we
Become moulded
Into what other
People will like

What a shame

How do we
Look at ourselves
With love
When we are imperfect

What a shame

How do we know what
A perfect body is
Without comparison
And being told we’re not the best

What a shame

How do we perform
Become the best
Know our flaws
Without criticism

What a shame

How do we harden up
Become impervious
Get stronger
Without some emotional bashing

What a shame

How do we know we are different
Not good enough
Never good enough
Without being told

What a shame

Who are you
To tell me I’m
Not perfect
That I don’t belong

Shame on you

Who am I to believe you
To berate and bully myself
To diminish my self worth
In the presence of shame

Shame on me

Shame is a
Confusing mirror
Of negativity
It has no place here