Full circle

Sparkler heart

Recently we had the amazing opportunity of having ‘The Circle’ Ch 10 Australian TV show come to do some stories on Bliss.

The path to Ubud

Ubud lotus temple

Since starting Bliss Sanctuary For Women way back in April 2011 one of my largest aims was to open a sanctuary in Ubud. And since then I’ve been looking for just the right place.

The power of surrender

Girl on beach relaxed at sunset

The Power of Surrender.
Surrender was something I was never good at in life.
So of course this has been a big thing for me to learn in opening up Bliss Sanctuary For Women and growing it so much in the now 6 years we’ve been open.
One thing I didn’t bank on however was attracting Western staff who may also be battling this, as a direct mirror to my own experiences.

Mistaking kindness for weakness

Child holding white flower

Human nature astounds me sometimes…whilst I don’t have any misconceptions that each person will act within their values and have their own set of eyes on every situation, it astounds me most of all that kindness is so often mistaken for weakness.

What a ride it has been in Canggu

Canggu sanctuary night shot looking into loungeroom

What a ride it has been opening our first Bliss Sanctuary For Women in Canggu in April 2011, moving to our new Canggu Sanctuary in 2017 and recently being faced with a big choice to stay or go due to the popularity of the Canggu area leading to high growth and thus building around us.