Girl with stingray
Girl with stingray

So this morning i had an amazing few hours moving & nurturing my body at the beach back in my hometown of Adelaide, Australia.

So beautiful, the summer hoardes of people are back at school & work. It’s peaceful, no rubbish, beautiful clear water & still nice & cool. So i waded back & forth for over an hour & it felt great!

I almost stepped on a massive stingray!

Well not quite but he was pretty close. I saw him 4 x and he would keep coming back to this one spot. Although a bit uneasy at first i felt happy. What a beautiful, peaceful creature that likes it’s personal space like me, prefers to go undetected like me & has a sting that can kill if you piss it off … a bit like me also lol.

After seeing him 4 x i knew he had a message for me so i looked up the spirit meaning & OMG! So spot on…

If Stingray has come swimming by you today; Stingray is letting you know that everything is now in place. You have the knowledge, you have the means, you have the tools and you have the skills – now get busy and get on with it. Everything you have worked toward is open to you so stop hesitating. Have faith in your abilities and follow your inner guidance. Alternatively this sea creature is asking you to stay on course and keep moving forward. Don’t allow distractions or drama to sway you from your journey. Do not be afraid to protect your own path.

This is so fitting right now & I’m feeling very blessed that we can receive amazing messages through nature & life in general to help & encourage us through this journey.

Last year had a lot of curveballs for me and it has ended up with me basing myself back in Australia and relying on my amazing team in Bali to take Bliss to the next level with me overseeing from afar.

This is something we have been leading up to for some time as my health limits my physical involvement but has created the blessing of learning to work on my business not in my business.

And to be honest, I need a bit of time back home.
To nurture my relationships.
See the nieces and nephews more and all the other kids in my life that grow up so fast.
To re-ground myself and work out what I want and need in my life after so many changes in the past 7 years.

So I’ve been doing the soul searching, I’ve been listening to my body and taking lots of deep breaths. I’ve realised many things I used to love I don’t love anymore. And many things I thought weren’t for me have bought me the biggest joys.

I have changed.

And that is not only ok, it is very welcome and exciting. Like I’m learning all about myself again. And thanks to that gorgeous stingray I feel validated in all of this by the universe, by nature and the energy that connects us all.

So thankful.