Sometimes I just want to stop fighting

Yin yang
Yin yang

Sometimes I just want to stop fighting
And focus on living

The battle of the bulge
The constant fight for self esteem

The war against terrorism
That isn’t even a really real thing

Fighting our fears
Bombarded with fear everywhere we turn

Conspiracy theories
That obviously have a big dose of truth behind them

Fighting against social injustices
Outside of our own communities

The economic crises
Because money is a false economy

The evil doers
Every where we turn

It seems to me the thing we are fighting the most
Is fear

The fear of things that exist around us
Not always in our own physical world

But on the tv
When you turn the radio on

On your computer
No matter what you search

So to live
We need to let go of fear?

To live with Joy
To live with Peace

To live with love
To live with happiness

To live life
Without fearing death

Where does this fear come from
Why does it dominate our lives?

I choose life and
love not fear

A poem by Zoë Watson