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Zoë Watson Bliss Bali retreat featured on She 'Said' website

Zoë Watson, founder of Bliss Sanctuary For Women

Bliss Sanctuary For Women’s Zoë Watson knows all about pampering at her women-only holiday hideaway in Bali. Here are her top 5 tips on recreating that sanctuary experience in your own home.

  1. Try meditation
    Meditation gives you a greater sense of rest and relaxation than sleeping alone. And if it is difficult, try spoken guided meditations. You can download these as apps straight to your smart phone – search for guided mediations by Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay or Doreen Virtue.
  2. Physically create your own personal sanctuary space
    This may be your bedroom, or a study or a corner of the lounge-room – but make it a space that’s filled with things you love that help you feel nurtured and safe. Keep it full of positive energy with books and music that inspire you and keep phones, TV and computers out. Use uplifting essential oils like mint, lemon and geranium in the mornings and calming lavender, chamomile and sweet orange in the evenings.
  3. Remember to breathe
    Stop what you’re doing and take slow, deep breaths at intervals throughout the day to help centre yourself, your thoughts and emotions. Breathe in as it feels comfortable and feel your stomach expand while visualising white light flowing through your body, and then breathe out slowly but comfortably sending all your troubles out with the breath, relaxing your jaw, neck and shoulders.
  4. Make time to move and stretch
    It may be a slow walk in the fresh air (sans phone!) or some simple yoga sequences like a morning sun salutation. Or if you suffer back pain, lie on your back and flex each muscle in your body by contracting and releasing. Honour your body by gently lengthening and moving it.
  5. Give yourself permission to rest
    Listen to your thoughts that may berate you and remind yourself that only by giving to yourself can you truly give to others.

Bliss Sanctuary For Women is a bespoke sanctuary in Canggu, Bali, that allows women to design their own holiday experience. It’s ideal for women who travel alone or in small groups – that’s right – no men, no kids and no couples. It’s not a retreat with activities planned every day, deadlines to meet and food monitoring, but a sanctuary in the true sense of the word where each visitor can indulge in food, pampering, local travel experiences and the true essence of Bali. Visit for more information.

Watch Zoë talk about her sea change here!

January 2013