My love hate relationship with traveling alone

Girl on dock with arms raised
Girl on dock with arms raised

I’m not a huge fan of traveling on my own.

I like my own space.

I like to do what I want to do.

I like to go where I want to go.

I like the freedom.

What I don’t like so much is…

Eating on my own in restaurants ALL the time.

Feeling vulnerable.

Having days where I don’t have a decent conversation … actually weeks. Actually months at the moment!

Not going out because I am just sick of going it alone and are not feeling quite so brave right now.

Having to rely on Taxis – well that’s more because I don’t like to drive in foreign places, but if I had someone with me maybe they’d drive?

Getting a hug when I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Well the hug one is for all the time not just traveling.

Obviously understanding the misgivings about traveling alone as a woman has helped me in my Bliss quest – well more than that it’s why I created Bliss.

I think it’s so important to travel and follow our heart.

It breeds such huge self esteem to do something so empowering.

And it’s important to take time out, so on those days where I’m not feeling so brave I have to remember it’s ok to stay inside.

It’s ok to reach out to friends and let them know I’m feeling vulnerable.

Though beware when you’re posting beautiful photos on FB with amazing beaches, sparkling blue/green water, yummy food, and big smiling faces … and it’s winter back home with miserable weather where they’re all freezing their butts off and wishing they were you … you won’t be getting quite as much sympathy as you’d like. Well None! LOL.

But that’s a great thing to put into perspective that you’re amazing, brave, resilient, happy (most of the time), full of heart and soul, that you’re following your dreams despite the imperfections and that you’re expanding your heart mind and soul … which is important.

So Travel.

Travel on your own.

Feel alone and smile anyway.

Feel sad, then remember you’re happy.

Order way more than you can eat on the menu just so you get to try new things.





How amazing to be able to travel alone!