Love is power

Gold Heart

Love is not
A rom com style vanity
Weakened by a perception
Of dreamy innocence

Love is powerful
In the words we say
The kindness we speak
The humility we wear with pride

Love is strength
Having the ability to
Transcend old patterns
And beliefs that no longer serve mankind

Love is assertive
In its understanding of all sides
Knowing that truth is relative
And communicating effectively

Love is a foundation
Built strong in honour
Listening truly to the values
We don’t agree with but still respect

Love is honourable
To ourselves and others
To humanity and all living things
Virtuous in our community

Love is freedom
To be ourselves and think for ourselves
Whilst letting others
Be themselves and think for themselves

Love is a high vibration
Allowing the nature of
All things
To stand true

Love is our highest meaning
When we fully understand
The power, the honour, the knowing
Of our limitless creation

Love is what is real
If that is what we focus on
Because that is what is intrinsic
Within our human nature

Love is not the opposite of fear
But embraces its true balance
It lifts us up, it sets us free
It intimately connects our consciousness

What if we focus…

On love not war
On peace not judgement
On understanding, not vitriolic resonance
On right or wrong having different meanings for all living beings

What if we understand that fear en masse…

Breaks us down at a cellular level
Divides us internally and externally
Is the imbalance in our current lives
Is the widening crack in the foundations of our consciousness

Love brings people together
Excessive fear tears people apart
Love is balance
Of all living things

Love is working harmoniously with our bodies
Understanding consciously with humility
Respecting our bodies and building immunity
Giving us all freedom of choice

Love allows nature to live cohesively with us
To flow with its instruments of balance
To educate us in all the ways
We can keep ourselves safe

Love knows we will die but focusses on how
We can best live in the moment
Whilst preparing for the future
There is never only one way to Love or live

Love is our natural state of being
Our power, our strength, our peace
Our ultimate resonance
Love is what we are here to learn, grow and be

🤍 Zoë