Flow like water

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Flow like water…

We know when we are in the flow of life. Things happen easily, we connect well with others, our intuition is on point and happiness is much easier to find.

So what do we do when we are out of flow?
We remember how to be like water.

As humans this is not difficult for us, we are primarily made up of water after all. We are full of water. We align with water. We float on water. We drink water. We are in alignment with water.

We remember that the tides ebb and flow.
That the outside weather effects the ocean. The wind, the rain, the storms, the eco system.
Does the ocean judge this or think there is something wrong when there is a big swell making big waves? No. It just is what it is and the water flows.

She is a droplet of water.
She gets absorbed up in the clouds and then rains back to earth.
She runs constantly in a fresh stream. Or stands stagnant when things around are not cohesively allowing the flow.
She doesn’t pound on a rock she flows around it, or bounces off it.
She constantly ebbs and flows no matter what is happening as this is her natural state.

When we flow like water, we don’t judge the circumstances, we adapt.
We don’t change who we are, we simply change our form as needed.

If water freezes and becomes ice, it breaks. As in life. If we stop flowing and freeze we can emotionally break. We need to be in the flow for good mental health and be malleable around whatever stands in our way.

If we do break however, like ice we always go back to our natural state as a droplet of water. We are never truly broken. We simply change our form.

Water is peaceful and calm. Or raging through a storm.
Water is perfect.

She nourishes, she helps plants grow. She sustains humans and plant life and animals
She creates systems for her travel and meanders through the earths terrain.

She is beautiful.
She is the essence of balance.
She is one with nature.

When we flow like water, we come back to our natural state. We are in the present moment and truly understand what it is to be a human ‘being’. Flowing like water is true love.
The ocean is humanity working together as one.


Photo Credit :
Matteo Colombo 
IG @ matteocolombophotography